You might be wondering, why does my wordpress site keeps getting hacked or might have noticed the rise of topics like: wordpress keeps getting hacked on various wordpress forums online.

Running a wordpress website that keeps getting hacked now and then is the most frustrating thing you can deal with an a website owner. Having your website hacked simply means loss of revenue and probably your business reputation damage.
Cases of hacked WordPress websites increase each day with over 30,000 websites getting hacked on a daily basis. This is super alarming knowing that WordPress powers over 30% of the websites online.

We all have to admit that hacking insecure websites has become easy given all the technology and information at our disposable.

Should I care if my wordpress website keeps getting hacked? Definitely! Having a your website getting hacked now and then is alarming and you should definitely drop everything else and find out the root cause of the problem.

What Would Make Someone Keep Hacking My Website?

As a non-technical WordPress website owner you might be wondering why someone is interested in hacking your website every now and then. Right? Well that is what happens online, there are millions of malicious people out there who spend time tracking down and hacking vulnerable websites (and applications).

There are number of reasons why people hack websites including:

1. Stealing your information and customer data,

2. To use your website or server as a tool to spread malware and viruses,

3. To use your domain name in sending spammy emails,

4. To make money (incase of ransomwares),

5. For fun or just to prove a point – Once a hacker has gained access, they will try again even after you have repaired the website.

Reasons Why Your WordPress Website Keeps Getting Hacked

As mentioned above, WordPress is a popular CMS used by over 30% of website owners acrosss the web. Thousands of wordpress websites get hacked everyday. This leads us to the question:

Is wordpress easy to hack? Definitely not! WordPress is one of the most secure CMS available on the internet. How easy or hard for a site to get hacked depends on a number of reasons, some of which are outlined below.

What Would Make Someone Keep Hacking My Website?

As mentioned above, WordPress is a popular CMS used by over 30% of website owners acrosss the web. Thousands of wordpress websites get hacked everyday. This leads us to the question:

Is wordpress easy to hack? Definitely not! WordPress is one of the most secure CMS available on the internet. How easy or hard for a site to get hacked depends on a number of reasons, some of which are outlined below.

1. Use of insecure Passwords,

2. Insecure admin usernames,

3. Outdated WordPress Core,

4. Vulnerable Themes,

5. Vulnerable Plugins,

6. Compromised Hosting Environment,

7. Uploading Virus Infected Files,

8. Lack of monitoring

1. Use Of Weak Passwords

How strong are your WordPress admin passwords? Can they be easily guessed? How often do you change the password?

If you have a habit of using the same password for each signup you do online or for every website you create, then you have higher chances of being hacked over and over.

Your wordpress  passwords should be strong enough and if possible you should use a random password generator to genet new passwords every month or bi-weekly. Once you change the passwords, write them down on your notebook or print them down.

Do not keep your passwords online as someome might get access to the file and you will have just made everything easy for the hackers and malicious people.

2. Weak Admin Usernames

What is your wordpress admin username? Are you using the default wordpress username ‘admin’? That might be a problem.

When creating a wordpress administrative account, avoid use of the default¬†username: ‘admin’.

If you want to change the admin username, Siteground have a great guide here. Alternatively, if you don’t have access to the phpmyadmin, you can do this in simple steps manually:

1. Login to your wordpress admin and create a new admin account with the desired username,

2. Logout and Login as the new admin,

3.  Delete the old admin account,

4. Transfer all posts, pages, and comments to the new administrator

You have now successfully changed the default wordpress username and have added a notch to your wordpress website security.

3. Outdated WordPress Core

I have met many clients running outdated wordpress website who have been hacked more than once. You might wonder what this has to do with a not-up-to-date installation. WordPress in itself is one of the most secure CMS you will find online.

It is worth noting that everytime wordpress performs an update, they will publish the reason for the update which gives the hackers and other malicious person a chance to try and exploit un-updated wordpress sites.

You need to always keep your wordpress installation upto date at all times to minimize the chances of being attacked.

4. Vulnerable Themes

We all love free and cheap themes.. right? Some website owners go even to a step further to download nulled premium themes for free online.

If you are using a free theme or nulled premium theme, to run a professional wordpress website, there are higher chances that you will be hacked or have malware injected on your website.

Free Themes: The problem most WordPress security experts have with free themes is that most are poorly coded and might remain unupdated for a long time hence increasing the chances of vulnerability.

Nulled Themes: While using nulled themes is immoral and unethical, most of these themes have backdoors which hackers use to get access to your website.

The fix to this is to save and buy a good theme or even a theme builder like DIVI. This will help you build a great (secure) WordPress website while keeping costs at the minimum.

5. Vulnerable Plugins

The level at which WordPress functionalities can be expanded by use of plugins is simply amazing. Plugins helps you add custom features to your website in less than 3 seconds.

To keep your site secure, keep away from installing plugin developers who you can’t trust. Always install a plugin from the WordPress repository and always go through forums to check on whether any of the plugins you are using are vulnerable.

Like themes, plugins can have backdoors that will give hackers access to your website.

Note: Only install the plugins that you need.

6. Hosting Environment

How secure in your wordpress hosting environment? Does your hosting company offer security monitoring and malware scanning?

Most companies don’t! Unless you are willing to pay extra for managed wordpress hosting services or have outsourced security monitoring services, the task of securing your installation is on you.

Luckily most managed wordpress hostings like Kinsta and WPengine will provide a secure hosting environment for your website.

7. Uploading Virus Infected Files

Uploading files from an infected computer is a great avenue to get malware into your WordPress website.

Always upload files from a computer with an up-to-date antivirus software installed.

Note: If you hire freelancers to design your website images and other documents, make sure you scan them before uploading them on your website.

A good antitivirus or malware detection system will help you catch documents with keyloggers attached to them. Malicious people will send you keyloggers via mail to keep track on every keystroke you make on your local computer. This is how they will get your username, password, credit card data, and other personal information that you type on your laptop/ desktop computer.

8. Lack of monitoring

If you don’t keep an eye on your WordPress website, you will never know when someone is trying to hack you or even catch a suspicious behavior before an actual hack or malware injection happens.

I would recommend you invest in security plugin or get a maintenance plan for your website. Our maintenance plans comes with premium security and backup plugins (over $400 value plugins).

What Next?

Now you know why your wordpress website keep getting hacked! Use the tips above to make your website secure and keep the bad guys away.

If you need help securing your website, our WordPress care plans comes in handy. We will take care of your website so that you can get peace on mind while growing your business online.

With our services, your WordPress website will never get hacked again and if it happens, we will fix it for you at no cost!


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