15 Significant WordPress Tools And Plugins To Boost Your Website SEO In 2019

According to the recent reports shared by the W3Techs, almost 34 percent of active websites present on the web are powered by WordPress. This is because of the extreme functionality, responsiveness, and development convenience which a user can get with WordPress. Though WordPress gives you a great development environment with its open source services, it is still very important to work on quality SEO in order to stay ahead in the competition even with a potential website.

For this reason, WordPress brings so many SEO friendly plugins and tool support for its website development features making it easier for you to rank your website and secure a good position on SERPs.

So, if you want to boost your website’s organic growth with or without spending hefty investment on paid advertisements, here you have a list of 15 amazing WordPress plugins and tools that can help you upscale your website’s SEO performance in 2019.

Automatic Alt Attributes

Automatic alt attributes or auto image alt attribute is an amazing plugin that helps you install alt tags on all the images which are having missing alt tags. Alt tags help Google and other search engines to read through the media present on your website during crawling. Actually, the search engines are not able to understand the visual data present on your website but the use of relevant alt tags helps search engines understand the relevance of the image.

Auto image alt attributes are just a plugin which could be added on the WordPress website admin panel and it helps you assign automatic text description to image’s HTML tag on all images on your webpages. Ultimately, it resolves missing alt issues by auto-picking the image name and assigning an alt attribute to images.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most frequently used and recognized plugins which is truly dedicated to helping users with SEO needs related to optimization. Moreover, it gives you complete support with the content making it SEO-friendly and user-friendly keeping search engine and users happy.

Some of the amazing features of the Yoast SEO plugin include:

  • Google XML sitemaps for better indexing
  • Helps to add Focus keyword in the content
  • Measuring your site’s performance and optimization suggestions
  • The setting of canonical URLs on the website
  • Control breadcrumbs for improved indexing and navigation

Moreover, Yoast SEO has some additional exciting features like internal linking, search console integration for Google, multiple focus keywords, etc. So, if you are missing all those insights on your WordPress website design, go for Yoast SEO.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is one of the most popular caching plugins available in the market as it is a perfect tool to optimize your website for caching issues improving your website’s speed. So, when Google considers each website loading within 3 seconds to be perfect from the SEO perspective, WP rocket is a plugin worth consideration.

Some of the amazing features which you can find with WP rocket include cache pre-loading, page cache, gzip compression, etc. moreover, this tool can also support you on slow loading image, DNS prefetching, CDN support, and anything that can cause lag to load time.


SEMrush is another great tool which lands in the favorite list of SEOs. The tool comes packed with some interesting options that give you support on SEO, social media, content marketing, and paid campaigns for traffic. This tool can help you with keywords perfect for your website content and for paid campaigns.

Some additional benefits which the SEO tool from SEMrush possess include analysis of competitor’s URL to help you with insights to outrank those websites. So, if you need to bind your target audience to your website and improve your overall followers, SEMrush is a perfect tool to reach.

Really Simple SSL

If you would consider the current trends, one thing which can heavily affect your website’s position on SERPs is the security. For this reason, Google rolled down with the idea to implement SSL on all the websites for better browsing experience amongst users. Moreover, this also became a crucial factor that could impact the website’s ranking.

Thus, to resolve this issue you can take advantage of a tool named Really simple SSL. This can help you configure for HTTPS with a much user-friendly and easy to implement set up.


When we talk about the list of best SEO tools used by industry experts, Ahrefs is a name that would always hit the list. It is a perfect tool to take insights into your website’s performance as well as those of your competitors. This tool helps you to take account of organic reports with rank movement as well as details related to competing pages.

Moreover, it is a perfect tool to get a complete report of backlinks on any website. Ahrefs bring your backlink profile which is updated every 15 minutes including details of referring pages, anchor texts, etc. also, Ahrefs is a perfect tool for keyword planning, content research, web monitoring, rankings which are vital for giving a boost to any website.

WP Google My Business Auto Publish

Creating the content on GMB is an essential factor to establish an impression of your business on the web. However, the most difficult part to work with GMB updates is to work on fresh content. WP Google My Business Auto Publish is a great tool that can help you save the hassle for all such operations.

It lets you post all your customized posts and pages for WordPress website service directly to the GMB page. The best part of using this tool to work on GMB posts is the ease of scheduling the posts.

Google Keyword Planner

If you need a powerful tool that meets your expectations when it comes to keyword planning, there can be nothing better than Google’s very own keyword planner. It just needs you to enter words, phrases, and URL matching to help you with keywords that contain complete report for competition level, bidding, and average searches in a month.

The most exciting part about using the tool is that it is free of cost. This means you can gain insights to search volume of keywords, competition, and advertising options without any need to spend money on them.

Isn’t it cool?

Broken Link Checker

Any business on the web, no matter big or small runs entirely on the quality of relationship it builds. And when it comes to relations on the web, we count on them through backlinks. Therefore, it becomes essential to work on your website’s backlinks and improve your SEO game using Broken Link Checker.

Broken link checker is a free WordPress plugin that can help you keep a check on the content and fixing any flaws in link juice. This tool helps you know about all the link benefit you get from the content which you have published in the past. Overall, it helps you safeguard your website from the uninformed harm you get from broken links.

Google Search Console

If you are working on your website’s SEO and you are not informed about the Google Search console, you are actually missing something huge. It is the perfect tool for those who need to improve their website’s performance with their goals related to rankings.

Some of the amazing reasons why you need to use the search console can be listed as:

  • Perfect for sitemap submission and indexing.
  • Prevent content duplication using robots.txt
  • Fix malware and span issues
  • Insights to search queries related to webpage
  • Find sites linking your website
  • Check on mobile-friendliness

So, if you need to keep a track of impressions, CTR, clicks, and average search result position, it is a great tool to consider for better SEO.

Speed Optimization Plugins

Since every website present on the web needs to be perfect for mobile first goals, the primary thing which most SEO aims to target is to consider giving time on speed improvements. Though the use of AMP has become more frequent these days, there are so many different tools that can help you with speed malfunctions.

If your website has speed issues related to cache, then all you need to do is opt for WP rocket and in case you are not impressed with WP rocket, then you can jump on other options like W3 Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Swift Performance, etc.

Google Pagespeed insights

The loading time of your website is one of the most significant factors that can affect your rankings. If you have a website which is not loading properly, it may lead to heavy bounce rate and spamming.

Google page speed insights is a great tool to check your WordPress website speed as it just need you to enter the URL of the website and you can get to see the load time of your website. In case you have any issues with the loading, this tool can bring you effective suggestions to fix such issues.

Google Trends

If you need to be effective with your content either you writing it for your website or you are targeting for your objectives related to content marketing, it is essential to stay updated over the trends. This may need you to stay informed about the trends regarding the content.

Google trend is the right tool to keep in your SEO bucket for improved website performance. It can help you get keywords that are most searched according to the location. Moreover, it gives you thorough support on refining the keywords with respect to historical trends.

GT Metrix

If you are very keen to know about the statistics that are related to your website’s performance, the GTmetrix is a great tool to consider. It not only helps you with the issues with your website that are causing a lag but also bring you all the suggestions that can benefit in fixing them.

GTMetrix can help you with best in class speed recommendations. It shares the entire information related to any optimization needs of content, images, as well as plugins that are slowing down your website.

Link Explorer

Link Explorer by Moz is a powerful tool that can help you with SEO research and link building. This tool can help you discover all the lost links, domain authority, spam score, link tracking and much more.

Some of the additional benefits which you can have with link explorer include competitor’s analysis to improve your website performance. It allows you 10 queries in a month with the free tool while for more access you can switch to pro options.


Improving your SEO with a fully optimized website is not one day task. It needs you to work with patience and pluck out all the flaws each at a time. Even if you are doing all the things in a great manner, it is not easy to achieve the rankings in a single day. However, now you have got a great grip of 15 best of the best WordPress plugins and tools that can benefit you in making your website streamline with the parameters of search engines during ranking as well as everything that is essential for a great user experience. All the best!

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