WordPress SSL HTTPS Installation Service

$99.00 $65.00

Need help with SSL HTTPS setup to make your website more secure? Is your Wordpress showing SSL – HTTPS errors and you want them fixed?

Our Premium WordPress SSL HTTPS Setup Service

  • Free 1 Month Website Maintenance
  • SSL Certificate Check
  • Full HTTPS URL Transition
  • Thorough Security Scan
  • Full- SSL Setup Report
  • Faster delivery – In less than 12 hours
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Fix SSL Errors

We will get started with your Wordpress SSL HTTPS setup immediately we receive your order.



Our Wordpress SSL HTTPS Installation Service

We are offering PREMIUM SSL HTTPS Support to serious website owners and agencies at a discounted fee of $65. Our Wordpress SSL HTTPS installation services are provided by a team of WordPress security experts. As one of the oldest WordPress maintenance and support company, we have been helping website owners and wordpress developers secure their wordpress application and keep their customers’ data safe for over 15 years now.

To keep it straight and simple, here are a 6 key points that define SSL HTTPS Support you will get:

  • 1. One Time Cost: When you seek help setting up SSL on your wordpress website, you will only pay one. This means that no contracts or recurring payments. Pay once, we fix your SSL issues.
  • 2. Charged Per Website: The cost quoted on this website (as above) is the cost of installing SSL HTTPS or fixing SSL HTTPS errors. If you want SSL setup in two or more websites, enter the desired number of websites (enter in the number quantity box before the ‘Purchase service button’.
  • 3. Setup / Fixing Will Start Immediately: Once we have received your request for SSL Setup or error fixing, we will assign a Smart WordPress Fixer to work on your task immediately. We promise to get you back running in the shortest time possible. Please note that fixing of SSL HTTPS errors might take 2 to 12 hours at most.
  • 4. SSL verification: Before we start fixing your WordPress SSL issue, we will start by running a series of test to verify that your SSL certificate is valid. After setting up SSL, we will test to ascertain that the SSL Certificate installed is valid and working as expected. We will only mark any task as complete after we have tested the installation.
  • 5. After Service Support: In an effort to give back and support the WordPress community, once you hire us to install SSL or troubleshoot SSL HTTPS errors on your WordPress website, we promize to maintain your website for 1 month free of charge. You can learn more about our WordPress website support packages here.
  • 6. Every Question Answered: We promise to answer every WordPress website related question that you send our way. We also published a lot of WordPress tutorials and guides on our blog. Feel free to visit and also subscribe to our newsletter.

Google Compliant WordPress SSL Support Service

Did you know that an insecure (non-https) website will rank poorly on Google and other search engines? Not only has Google has started notifying customers that your website is insecure just because you are loading an insecure site but will also not rank your website not matter how hard you optimize.

If you need help to install SSL or make your WordPress website load securely in HTTPS, our Smart WordPress Fixers will do that for you. We will ensure that your WordPress SSL installation is compliant with Google and is up to worldwide website security standards.


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