Wordpress Security Monitoring Services For Serious Website Owners and Agencies

If you have been running a serious wordpress website or a money making blog powered WordPress you may have noted how wordpress security is key to online success. Our wordpress security monitoring service is here to give you the peace of mind you need. You can grow your website or blog safely, knowing that wordpress security experts are proactively monitoring and keeping bad guys away.

Monitor, Fix, & Protect My Website Now

The Security Monitoring Service You Need To Run Your WordPress Website

Did you know that Google (one of the largest search engine) blacklists over 70,000 in wordpress malware infection or virus related incidents? Here is a breakdown of our security services that keep bad people away from your website.


24/7 Security Monitoring

With our 24 hour security monitoring service, you can run your business while we watch your website all the time. We combine powerful monitoring softwares and Smart WP Fix security experts to keep your website or blog safe. Security monitoring is simple with experts.

Wordpress Hardening

Our wordpress experts will harden your wordpress security for you. Popularity of wordpress cms has made it favourite target by hackers. We got you covered in such an eventuality. Let our wordpress hardening experts fix your site.

WP Fix and Protection

Need help with wordpress security issues? We will fix and protect your website. With the right security plan, you don’t have to worry about hackers or malware injection. You leave all the worries to the security experts and focus on running your blog or WordPress site.

Flexible WordPress Pricing Plans & Packages

To make our premium wordpress security services available to our wide range of customers, we have segmented the prices based on 3 core security needs: WordPress hardening, total protection plan, and security monitoring only plan. For total security of your wordpress website, we recommend the WP Protect, Fix, and Monitor plan.

Save 30% Paying Annually
Wordpress Hardening
One Time Process
This includes professional wordpress hardening services. If you are new to wordpress, this helps keeping your website secure.
- You will get a report on the same after we are done.
WP Protect, Fix & Monitor
Per Year
Protect, Clean, and Fix your website all the year round. This will give you peace of mind.
Includes Wordpress Hardening
Unlimited Hack Repair
All Monitoring Features
Daily Backups
Monthly Security Tweaks
Monthly Update Management
Security Monitoring Only
Per Year
(This is a security monitoring package doesn’t include fixing your hacked website.)
-Daily Intrusion Monitoring
-On Demand Security Advice
-Emergency Hack Response
-Discounted Hack Repair

Hourly / Daily Scanning

Based on the plan you are on, we provide hourly or daily file scanning to make sure your site stays clean. We perfom advanced malware, backdoors, and virus scans and a report is generated showing your website health. With our daily scanning, we will ensure the security of your website. 

Site Backups & Cloning

Did you know that our managed plans comes with free manual and automated backups? We store an exact copy of your site on our remote iron-clad servers. If you do anything to your website or you try to fix anything and you get that white screen or death, send a ticket and we will restore your site.

Realtime Site Monitoring

Unlike other services that does scheduled monitoring, we have monitoring softwares that track each and every activity on your site in realtime. Once you pick a plan with us, we take your website security very seriously. This helps us to track down malware and virus attack attempts and lock the attackers out.

Brute Force Attacks Protection

As a part of constinous wordpress hardening, we will advise you and fix your sites’s basic vulnerabilities. These include- Changing admin url, changing default wordpress admin username, installation of firewall, and DDOS protection support. CMS sites have the highest number of brute force attacks.

Theme & Plugins Sacnning

We don’t only focus on attacker coming from outside. We scan your website and verify that your themes and plugins don’t have backdoors that can be used by hackers to gain access to your website.  Themes and plugins that are not up-to-date provide doors for malicious people to inject malware and viruses.

Adding Extra Security Layers

On demand, we can add customized security solutions to your website. Some of these features inlude: 2 Factor authentication, firewall installation and support, comments filtering, and IP blocking. We also help you block an IP block or traffic form a given region or country. We offer proven premium wordpress security support.

Professional WordPress Security Monitoring By Advanced Scanning 

We developed wordpress security monitoring service exclusive for wordpress website and blog owners who want a peace of mind when running their online businesses. In as much as wordpress is the most flexible CMS to run your blog or website on, number of hackings and costs of purchasing individual security plugins have gone up, leaving non-technical website and blog owners at the mercy of the bad guys. At SmartWPFix, we are a team of professional wordpress experts who have worked on thousands of security tasks and also developed inhouse wordpress security monitoring plugins that we offer to clients looking for wordpress security services only.

Unlike other site security monitoring companies out there who provide daily scanning of your wordpress files, our team provides continous file scanning and monitoring to ensure that any suspicious activity is logged and the appropriate action taken. We combine various algorithms to detect and prevent attacks and modification of your website files all the time. Our professional wordpress security hardening and monitoring systems are proven ways to keep your wordpress safe. In addition to monitoring your website, we provide an advanced  WordPress malware infection and  virus removal service to our clients where we clean and restore a site functionality in the shortest time possible. Imagine a team that can work all night and day to fix and restore your infected website? That is what do at Smart WP Fix. No other WP security service can match our service. 

Smart Algorithims To Detect Attacks and File Modification

Smart WP Fix security experts have come up with advanced yet smart algorithims designed to detect and stop any suspicious activities. We also leverage premium tools provided by Sucuri to ensure that your website is safe and you customers data is held is well encypted and accessible by only the people that you allow. We know how hectic it is trying to secure your wordpress websites when you are not a security expert! Many wordpress website owners have in the past relied on untested plugins for security and monitoring which later makes their websites and blogs vulnerable to attacks. We introduced SmartWPFix security monitoring services so that you can sleep sound knowing that your site is running perfectly and you have professional worpress security experts that you can count on during an attack or infection. 

“SmartWPFix.com is the best security service”

James Forester

Protect, Fix & Maintain Plan

Importance of Professional WordPress Security Monitoring Services 

Keeping your wordpress website secure on your own is one thing, while having a professional wordpress security expert keep a close eye on your site is another. Across various online forums, you will find small business owners debating on the relevance of setting up the appropriate mechanisms to enhancing website security.  The question that arises out of these debates at the end is whether one should adopt the do-it-yourself website security technique or hire the services of an inhouse professional wordpress security expert. At SmartWPFix.com, we belong to a different school of thought. We believe that security monitoring is not an option rather it is a necessity. We also know that hiring an inhouse wordpress security expert when you are only running 2-5 websites doesn’t make business sense. Let us do some simple mathematics.  Assuming that you own 2 wordpress website and you choose to hire an inhouse wordpress security expert. 

Hiring a seasoned website security engineer will cost you a figure of around $75,000 to $98,000 per year! That is a big expense. This means that you are spending at least $7,200 ($6,000 Expert’s Salary) Plus $1200 for monitoring tools)  every month to keep your website secure. If you had simply outsourced wordpress website security monitoring to a professional company such as Smart WP Fix, you would only spend up to a maximum of $100 per month per website. You don’t have to buy monitoring softwares or do you have to pay for expensive backups with us. All you have to do is to combine the powers of our security plans and wordpress maintenance services.  We will help you save the costs of running your wordpress websites. 

Preventive WP Monitoring Services

At Smart WP Fix, in as much as we help fixing hacked wordpress websites, our core mission is to offer advanced preventive security services to ensure that you will never loose business or gain distrust from your customers, just because a malware or virus has infected your website or blog. If you have ever experienced a hack or a security breach on your wordpress website, then you really know the importance of engaging the preventive approach to wordpress security. Preventive security approach simply means proper monitoring and maintenance of your website and having smart wordpress security tools installed to keep away the bad people. 

Google and Other Search Engines Blacklists

Like any other website owner, if customers finds your services through search engines like google, you should be scared of malware injection, hack, or even virus attack on your wordpress website. Do you know what will happen if Google finds out? They will blacklist your website and warn any customer who tries to visit your website! That is really scary and dead serious. If you are not a techie, this might even happen without your knowledge. You will realize it when your sales and traffic to your website or blog have declined. Don’t wait for this to happen! We will provide you with ultimate wordpress security services that you need to run your website or blog. Click on the button below and we will secure your website and monitor it while you focus on what you do best. Already infected? We also offer google blacklist removal services and also help remove ‘this website has been hacked’ messages.

Error Logging, Monitoring, and Fixing

If you are a website owner with little or no experience in understanding the technical bits of a wordpress error log file, you should consider hiring a wordpress security and monitoring service like SmartWPFix. Once you pick up a security monitoring plan, we will assign a dedicated wordpress security expert to install our plugins which will monitor and log every error that is returned by your website. Imagine a scenario, where your website breaks at the middle of the night and smart pushing error messages to your customers! These are some of the exploits a hacker or a malicious person will use to get information on your website plus even get access to your core files. Our security experts will regularly check your website error log files, analylyze them, and fix the issue. We do all these things without bothering you. In short, we maintain your website, while you do the selling and growing of your website. 

24/7 Support Team For Your Site

Many online companies can’t match our support. At SmartWPFix.com, we only have experts who are ready to help you solve a site issue. Whether you are looking for automated wordpress backup services, or need help with wordpress sites but you are unsure the best fix, we have the right team for you. We are the best in site diagnosis, troubloeshooting, fixing, and protecting. On different occassions, we have been rated as the company offering best wordpress website repair services in US. A Team that settles for the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why WordPress Security Hardening Important?

While wordpress is considered the most secure CMS (Content management system), you can’t take security issues lightly. Hardening of wordpress website is all about putting various measures in place to keep your system secure. At Smart WP Fix, we perfom basic wordpress website hardening before we even think about installing our advanced site monitors. 

I Want Both Security and Mainatinance Services For My Website, which is the best plan?

We have segmented our plans based on the needs of our customers. If you are looking for a comprehensive maintenance plan for your website, talk to us. we have a package that goes for $200 per month where we talke care of your website as a package. Use the like chat option to get a customized solution.

I am interested in your service, what do I do?

Welcome onboard, all you have to do it to pick a plan above, make payments, and a ticket will be created for you immediately. Reply to the ticket with your website url, and admin credentials (don’t worry, we are security experts, we will encrypt them and keep them safe). Leave the rest to our wordpress experts. Relax and let us deal with your site security.

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