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Need help With WordPress Websites? We Maintain, Fix, and Protect WordPress Websites. Below is a list of services provided at our wordpress help service


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Personalised WordPress Help – WP Experts For Hire

Wordpress Maintenance Plans

Imagine never having to worry about your wordpress website? Having wordpress experts helping with 24/7 monitoring, optimization, protection, and enhancement. Let wordpress experts take care of your WP site.

Hacked WP Websites Repair Services

hacked wp repair

Has your wordpress website been hacked? We are experts in fixing and repairing hacked wordpress websites. We will help in diagnosing, cleaning, and repairing your wordpress in the shortest time possible. Chat with a Smart WP Fixer now.

Wordpress Malware Infection & Virus Removal

Has you site been infected with malware or infected with virus? Blacklisted google for malware or virus infection? This service will scan every file, clean, and help you protect your wordpress website. Let us fix it.

Customised WordPress Help Services

Premium WordPress Technical Support

You need help with your wordpress website? Need something fixed fast? You can purchase paid wordpress support tickets here and we will help with your website issue fast. Get premium wordpress website support.

Wordpress Mobile Friendly Site & Optimization

This service will help you to make your wordpress website mobile friendly. We will optimize your mobile website for maximum return on investment. Get help in making your mobile site better. This is affecting your ranking and sales.

Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

We are experts in fine tuning wordpress websites and optimizing load speeds. Your customers love fast websites. You also have to remember that google will penalize you for having a slow website. Get help with site speed.

Wordpress SSL - HTTPS Certificate Installation

This is a one time service that helps upgrade your website security. Our wordpress websites SSL HTTPS setup service is doe by seasoned wordpress security experts.

WP Website Infection Insurance

With a wordpress website infection insurance, you don’t have to worry about the security of your website. We will continually scan and monitor your website for 24 hours every day.

Wordpress Setup & Installation Services

SmartWPFix wordpress Setup & Installation is a service meant to help new and non-tech savvy users install and configure wordpress. Help setting up wordpress themes and plugins

Wordpress Website Migration Services

Want to move between hosts or migrate from one server to another? Our wordpress migration is meant to perform the migration. Do not risk losing your data or opening security holes during migration.

WordPress Backup and Restoration Services

We offer premium wordpress websites backup and restoration services at a flat rate. If you want automated and managed wordpress backups, purchase a maintenance plan. Get help with wordpress backups.

Wordpress Security Monitoring Plans

At SmartWPFix, we provide an exclusive wordpress website security monitoring package to keep away hackers away. This includes setting up backups, 24 hours security monitoring, and discounted website repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Professional WordPress Help

I Need Help With WordPress Themes, What Package Should I Purchase?

WordPress themes can be hectic to deal with. Whether you need help in customization or identifying vulnerabilities, we have the right team for you. If you:

  • – Need help installing wordpress theme – You should purchase a WordPress Setup Plan
  • – Need help fixing malware on your theme – Select the malware removal service.
  • – If you are not sure about the help plan to subscribe to, talk to us via live chat service or email us at
I Need Help With WordPress Speed Optimization.

At, we are experts in speed optimization. We provide free website analysis after you buy a speed optimization plan. Click here to get help increasing wordpress website speed.

I Need Help With Managing My WordPress Websites

We are a wordpress website maintenace service with expertise in helping people like you who want full website management. We manage and maintain your website while you do your businesses. Subscribe to full wordpress website management plans here.

I Need Help, My WordPress Has Been Hacked

We not only fix hacked websites, we also offer high class wordpress repair and protection at affordable rates. Whether you need a one time website security fix or a security monitoring plan, we have a package for everyone.

Help With General WordPress Issues - Customized WordPress Assistance Tickets

We offer help with all wordpress issues. Whether you want help fixing your website, help with woocommerce, and help with wordpress hooks among other customized wordpress assistance services.

Value Based WordPress Assistance Services

Smart WP Fix help services are designed with you the website owner in mind. Our aim is simple and straightforward. We are here to provide help with running your wordpress websites so that you can focus on what you do best. Whether you need customized help with ecommerce website powered by wordpress or in fixing some issues with your wordpress website, we have a solution for you. We have been offering help with wordpress websites for over Ten (10) years now and you can count on our expertise, not to mention our vast experience in designing, managing, and fixing wordpress websites, to run your wordpress website in a smooth way. We offer wordpress help that is value based. Setting up an inhouse wordpress website management team is both expensive and unwise thing any small online business owner should think of. We offer the whole value of an inhouse team by adding a force of over 500 wordpress experts behind the success of your business. is a wordpress help solution that is trusted by over 7,580 website owners, most of them being SMBs, NGOs, Corporate bodies, and people running a series of wordpress websites. We offer wordpress help and maintenance services to thousands of wordpress websites online. Our wordpress help is packed with satisfaction and money back guarantee. Whether you need emergency wordpress help or just a small fix, we are the right team for the task.

Need Help With WordPress Websites
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Custom WordPress Websites Assistance

Whatever wordpress support issue that you need help with, we are here for you. We also provide custom wordpress development. If you need help developing wordpress themes, help creating wordpress plugins, or even advanced ecommerce wordpress help, we are the right team for the job.

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