Learn How To Build a WordPress Website With WordPress From Scratch

Build and Make a WordPress Website In 6 Simple Steps – A Guide For Beginners on how to create your own website by Smart WP Fix Experts

Want to learn how to make your own website? Creating a website in WordPress is easy. Follow this guide to the end and learn how make a wordpress website on your own in less than a day!

Smart WP Fixers got you covered! We will teach you how to create your own website for free without the need to pay for design services.

Note: This a step by step guide on how to build a wordpress website from scratch (Perfect do-it-yourself guide on how to make your own website).

This is a guide for non-technical business owners, freelancers, and startups looking for ways on how to make an amazing wordpress websites without engaging the services of various website designers for small business online. Can we get started now?

We have put in a lot of hours writing this guide to help you build a wordpress websites easily. Hope you will follow through to the end.

Question: Why Should I Use WordPress to Create a Website For My Business? 

Answer: Wordpress is the most flexible CMS to use for your website. Simple and Precise. WordPress is a powerful tool to create websites for small businesses and even large businesses. Some of the big guys using wordpress include: Forbes, Techcrunch, Sony Music, Mtv News, and BBC America among many others. You too can create a big name out of wordpress like them.

With wordpress you don’t even need to have any coding skills to start and create a wordpress business website (Even a single line of code). All you have to do it to follow this simple tutorial to the end.

All the best in learning the process making your own website.

A Complete Guide On How To Make Free Website Using WordPress For Beginners

Now that you want to build a wordpress website on your own, we will now define the scope of this course. In this course we will show you how we have created thousands of business websites for our customers as well as for marketing purposes.

This is the same guide you can use to learn how to start a blog and make money online. If you are keen on starting a blog, you can take advantage of a free wordpress blog set up service by Free Blog Starters. This guide will cover everything from how to set up a website to optimizing the site:

Choosing Appropriate Business Website Name

Choosing a Great Website Hosting Services

Purchasing a Domain Name

Publishing Your First Website Page

Theming and Securing WordPress Website

This is for: The Step to step guide on building wordpress websites for free is for startups or small business owners who can’t afford our inexpensive website design for small businesses or want to learn the art  of creating their own websites. It is a great way to start your business. If you are the hands on type of business person, this guide is also for you. Most of people who create wordpress websites for a living started out just like you.

Take heart! You are gonna need a few hours to learn how to create a wordpress website on your own.

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The Basics: To run any business online, you will need a domain name and hosting service. A domain name is your website’s identity. Example Smartwpfix.com.

A hosting service is where your website files will be located. This must be secure and safe. We will guide you on how to get these services later on.

Choosing a Great Business Website Name

Before you even think of making a wordpress website, you must think about the name for your website. This may be somewhat difficult if this is a new startup and you don’t have the slightest idea of the best name for your business. At a glance, a great name reflect the values of your company or startup andgives an overview of the services that you plan to offer. It is worth noting that quite a number of  businesses owners fail because of choosing bad names for their businesses. A domain name is your business’s identity on the internet; you must ensure it is unique and that it appeals to your target audience.

A good example is when we were choosing our domain name: smartwpfix.com. We had to think long and hard about a suitable name that tells more about our services, how we offer the services, and our exact area of expertise. As a wordpress maintenance service leveraging smart and advanced technologies tools to fix wordpress issues,  smartwpfix.com is a great name.

In the same way, before you proceed to the rest of this guide that will teach you how to make free website in wordpress on your own, come up with 3 names that you can use as your domain names.  If you are unable to comeup with a great name for your website,don’t woorry.You can come back to this later. Let us now take you through a proven process of making a wordpress website without hiring anyone.

Ps. Note that you will need a domain name and wordpress hosting to start running your business online. No need to worry, we will show you how to get one though our partnership with Bluehost . We will empower you with the knowledge of how to get a domain plus a whole year hosting for less than $120. Imagine creating a website for your business for Just $120!This will be website that you have control over files, database, emails and everything else. In a different scenario, you would incur a minimum of $1000 to get started without counting hosting services and other design tweeks. This is a super deal for you!

Lets me show you how to create a website using WordPress. Shall We?

Choosing a Great Website Hosting Services


Engaging the wrong hosting company is a major mistake small busineses and startups make when building wordpress websites for their existing businesses or new businesses. If you are reading this, you are at a critcal point where all your efforts may either make you succeed or expirience a downfall. As a WordPress support service, we are at times faced with difficult situation when a host locks a client’s website files or when a client has hosted their site in a free or cheap service that doesn’t have proper security systems installed and they are hacked time and again. This is pure rubbish! No serious business owner should risk their intenet identity for the sake of saving a few dollars. Believe it or not, hosting is a priority and must remain as such.


There are many webhosting companies that offer hosting services, but for the sake of this tutorial, we will stick to what has worked for thousands of business owners. We recommend Bluehost (budget clients) or Flywheel (Managed WordPress) if you have a bigger budget. Whatever the case, keep your expenses at the minimum by going for a cheaper hosting service to create a wordpress website on.


It is now time to buy a hosting package for your website so that we can install the wordpress core files needed for to run a website. We will purchase a hosting services at Bluehost and then eventually install WordPress.


NB: If you purchase your hosting from them using our link, you will get a domain for free. In this case, we will combine domain registration with hosting for your website. If you want to follow this process, click on the button below to open the hosting provider in a new tab.


Click to Signup With BlueHost


Step 1. Choose The Appropriate Plan

Choosing the appopriate plan for your business website is your first pertinent step in building your business website on your own. You will get a window similar to what has been illustrated below. Since you are just starting out, we recommend the Plus Plan. You can start out with this and then upgrade in future when the website is generating a good amount of money. Check out the image below.



Step 2. Pick Your Domain Name

It is time to get a new domain name FREE of charge. We have negotiated a free domain name for the first year specially for you! Sounds cool? It is what we do for our readers and website visitors. We will not stop until over 70% of small businesses attain visibility online. Use the left side box if you would like to get a new domain name or the right side box if you aleady own a domain name and you wish to transfer it to bluehost.


Step 3. Enter The Account Details

Now,you are halfway done getting a hosting service for your website. In this step, enter your account details as shown in the image below. These details will help to personalize your account at Bluehost.


Step 4. Slect the Hosting Plan Duration and Required Add-Onns

We are now finishing the account setup. If you have a tight budget, select a 12 Month plan for your hosting. Please note that the only available options are 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 months. If you are determined and serious about the creating a website, then any of these plans will sort you out. You don’t want to select a short duration as all these expenses can become overwhelming when you are bootstraping your business.


Step 5. Set Your Card Details

This is final step towards purchasing a domain name and hosting package for the wordpress website you want to create. Carefully enter your card details, read and tick the terms’ checkbox, and click on submit. After this, you will now be diirected to a page where you will start setting up the wordpress for your business website.


Step 6. Installing and Configuring WordPress Website


This is now the fun part. I know you have been waiting for this moment. After signing up for wordpress hosting at our new host, you now need to use one click install to install the WordPress core files. Note that you must be logged into your account to be able to do this. If you have not been logged in automatically, go to your email address and find a login link plus other login details. Remember that if you get stuck, Bluehost has the very best support team for wordpress. Just initiate a chat and they will offer you the required guidance, else, you can chat with us and we will guide you accordingly. You will now proceed to installing your wordpress website. When prompted to select a bluehost theme, skip this step. This is because most of them are ussually not updated.


Here are some of the images to guide you. Click to open.



Now you can go on and launch your wordpress website. Note that a default theme will be installed. We will teach you how to install a business theme in the next steps. Use the links below to navigate to various resources we have put together for you. We hope that you have not had any hiccups so far.Do not hesitate to reach out to our Smart WP Fixer chat below if you expirience any challenge and we will help you accordingly.  (We are a super friendly team of wordpress experts and we love to help when we can)


Congratulations for coming this far! You have successfully installed wordpress and are ready to set up a professional business website. In the next steps, we will explore how to design and theme your website to suit your business type.You are only a few minutes to showcasing the new business website that you have created on your own to your customers.


Congratulations! You Have Just Created Your Own Website

You have now learnt how to make your own website on wordpress platform. Creating We now have to get to more serious yet fun part on making an amazing wordpress website for your business. This is the new phase of building a wordpress website on your own. We salute you for getting this far.

Congratulations! We know it is not easy and that is why we decided to use so many hours to write this guide on creating websites using wordpress. We have decided to provide you with the links to the sections you might need in creating a business website in wordpress on your own.

In case you get overwhelmed along the way, use the chat below to talk to a fixer who will help you make a wordpress business website fast. (We have been doing this for a long time). With this knowledge, you can create a website for any kind of business using wordpress.

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