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Clean up your hacked website today and protect it tomorrow and into the future!
Unlimited Hack Repair
All Monitoring Features
Daily Backups
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-Daily Intrusion Monitoring
-On Demand Security Advice
-Emergency Hack Response
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We Are Experts in Fixing, Repairing, and Protecting WordPress Websites 

We Fix Hacked WordPress sites and Keep Them Secure Forever

Swift Response Team

Our wordpress experts will respond swiftly to your wordpress website repair request anytime of day. We operate 24 hours, seven days a week to give you the ultimate peace of mind to run your online business. We will fix any hacked website in less than 24 hours.

Website Protection

The key premise of our wordpress repair service is helping our clients prevent hacking and malware attacks all the time. We have comprehensive protection packages designed for website owners. We are here to protect and keep your site secure. Let the experts fix and protect your wordpress website.

Wordpress Expertise

Whether your wordpress website has been hacked and needs to be cleaned or you just need wordpress repair service because some files have been compromised, we are your number one experts. All you have to do is to ask our experts to ‘fix my hacked wordpress website’.

Enterprise-Level Scanning

Once you hire us to repair your hacked website or fix a hacked wordpress website, we will professionally scan and clean up every single file on your server plus provide a list of things you should do to keep your wordpress website safe from hackers

Website Repair Services

Subscribing to either our one time or continued wordpress repair services helps you take action before the threats compromise your website. We provide human – software assisted security monitoring to prevent  your website from being hacked again. We are the ultimate website repair service online

SmartWPFix Hacked WordPress Websites Repair Services

We fix, repair, and protect hacked wordpress websites. Has your wordpress website been hacked and you don’t know who can effectively fix your hacked wordpress website? Welcome to SmartWPFix.com an industry leader in providing wordpress security and maintainance service to small businesses and wordpress agencies. We have fixed hacked wordpress websites for a wide range of customers for over 7 years. If you are interested in purchasing wordpress repair services, all you have to do is select a plan, make an order, and you will then be assigned a personal account manager to oversee the fixing and repair process by our wordpress experts.

We Know How To Fix Hacked WordPress Sites Better

We Will Help You

A Dedicated Team of WP Experts To Fix Hacked Websites

At Smart WP Fix, we understand that downtimes, hacked websites, or even suspended websites translate to no business for you. We also understand the need for a website to be accessible all the times and the trust issues that may come up if your customers knew that you have been hacked and their data is in the wrong hands. We help you repair your wordpress website or fix a hacked website in the shortest time possible. SmartWPFix.com wordpress experts work 24 hours a day cleaning hacked websites and securing them so that your website become hack proof in future. We have been repairing wordpress websites for clients since our inception and have developed superior mechanisms to secure and monitor websites round the clock. Whether you hire us to fix your wordpress website one time or even hire us to maintain and protect your website on a monthly or yearly basis, our pricing is transparent and carries protection guarantee. We make it our business to keep your wordpress website secure.



WordPress Hacked Websites Repair Experts

Smart WP Fix, is a website maintenance and management service dedicated to serving only wordpress customers like you. We have perfected the art and tools of our trade. Unlike other websites that offer support on any kind of website, we only specialize in cleaning, fixing, and protecting wordpress websites. We have a team of over 500 wordpress experts who will be tasked with making repairs on your wordpress website or even keep an eye at your website for 24 hours each day. Since we started offering paid support for hacked wordpress sites, we have been able to serve thousands of customers who have been turned down by other hack repair services online who only operate fixed hours. If you have just had your wordpress hacked, we understand your frustration and we we will work hard enough to bring your website online as fast as possible. Our wordpress experts won’t even get a nap while your website has not been repaired, secured, and your website activity has resumed to normal



We Not Only Repair Hacked WordPress Websites, But We Prevent Them From Being Hacked Again

Did you know that once your wordpress website has been hacked, a hacker will try to do it again. If you only hire wordpress repair services that offer no protection, there are chances that your wordpress website will be hacked again! That is a fact! A hacker will come back trying to perfect their skill. You need a hack repair website that will protect your wordpress website and offer 24 hour website monitoring. Did you know a simple maintenance plan from Smartwpfix.com can keep your website accessible all the time, identify and fix vulnerable wordpress themes and plugins that give hackers a through way to your website? Pick a one time or a security plan and we will make sure you site stays secure. We will keep everybody else besides trustworthy website visitors.

Choose the right experts to fix, repair, and protect your hacked wordpress website.

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We Will Fix Your Hacked Sites and Offer Protection

A support ticket will be created for your hacked website repair will be assigned to your personal account manager who will guide you until the site has been fixed and secured fully.
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