Beginner Guide On How To Learn To Build WordPress Websites Free & Fast (Less Than 1 Week)

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The Best Way To How To Learn WordPress Free & Fast

Best Way of Learning WordPress Fast

Are you a beginner looking for the best way to learn wordpress and use it to build websites? Wait!How hard is it to learn WordPress? Learning wordpress is easy and if you are committed, it will take you a week or even less. In this article, we will show you how to learn wordpress fast and you will be building WordPress websites in a weeks time. Our method is proven and the content of this page is developed by WordPress experts. You don’t need to pay for expensive tutorials to learn how to create a simple website fast. There is an easy way to learn wordpress for free. Follow this step by step tutorial on learning WordPress.

Why Should I learn WordPress?

Last week I was giving a talk on how to make money blogging and one lady stood up and asked two questions “Should I learn wordpress or HTML?” and ‘Is wordpress for blogs only?’ and I have therefore decided to answer those two questions here for the sake of anyone else that has the same questions.

Learning WordPress is worthwhile and I would advise everyone to learn building websites and blogs using WordPress. WordPress powers over 29% of websites globally. So if 29% of the websites you are visiting daily are run on WordPress,it goes without saying that WordPress is a preference of many when it comes to creating websites and blogs.

If you are freelancer or someone looking to work from home, learning WordPress will open the gate for you to become a WordPress developer and make you be a part of the 29% website owners hat run their sites smoothly.

As a business owner with budget constraints, you can learn creating WordPress websites easy and fast. You will then use the skills acquired to make a site for your business. It will definitely save you over $3,000. This is awesome, Isn’t? Sit tight and I am going to teach you how to learn wordpress in a few days (Less than a week)

What Do I Need Learn WordPress as a Beginner?

First, I would like to mention that this is a free step by step tutorial for learning WordPress for beginners. What you need to learn wordpress is your time and desire to learn. To get emails on our other guides, please subscibe to our newsletter.Think of our newsletter as guide for learning to build WordPress websites, setting up a WordPress website, securing WordPress websites, and maintaining your WordPress website on your own.

Did you know most people offering help with WordPress websites online don’t even know how to write a single line of code? I thought you should know! WordPress is easy to set up, start, and configure. You will learn the technicalities of WordPress when you get started.

Enough with the basics! Now that you are devoted to start learning WordPress, know that this guide is the best way to learn WordPress and many developers started like you.

Some of the Questions This Guide Will Answer Include:

  • – What is the best way to learn WordPress?
  • – Is WordPress difficult to learn?
  • –  How easy is WordPress to use?

Congratulations for joining the best and fastest growing community. Lets get started now. We will subdivide the tutorials into day to day sessions so that you do not get overwhelmed.

Who is this Guide For?

We have created this guide for people looking on how to set up wordpress sites for their own use or those who want to learn the art and make money providing small business website design services.

Is this a technical guide?

There is nothing technical about making a WordPress website as you will learn along the way. Once you master the art, it will be easy for you.

Day 1. Learn To Set Up WordPress on a Server (Local/Online)

You will need a server (whether it is a local one on your machine or online) to learn how to use WordPress to make websites. Since this guide is created for beginners, I would not like to go into technical details of using your laptop or desktop as a server.

If you want to go that route, click on this link: Guide on How to Start, Set Up,and Run WordPress on Locally On Your Computer

You will need to set up hosting service and get a domain name for your new wordpress website. Creating a real website is the best way to learn WordPress development.

What is a Domain Name? A domain name is the unique identifier of your website on the internet. An example: We have done a comprehensive guide on how to choose and buy a good domain name for WordPress websites. (Click on that link). Go to that page and learn how to create a good domain for the website. We have done a great tutorial on everything you need to learn on WordPress site domains to create a profitable business online.

What Is a Hosting Service? This is a virtual server where your WordPress files will be stored including images, database, and also the pages to your site. (I know this sounds like a language from Mars, but if you follow this WP learning guide, you will understand it perfectly. It is easy, others have done it. Why not you?). If you are learning how to start a blog or how to build a commercial WordPress website, the guide below will help you get choose the best host and also learn more about WordPress hosting:

Once you have a hosting service, you will need to install wordpress (I know you are anxiously waiting for this part), we recommend using this WordPress Installation Guide by the creators of WordPress. We also have a wonderful guide on how to install WordPress fast.

Once you are have learnt how to install wordpress and actually done it from the two links above, come back here so that we can proceed with Day 2 learning where I will show you learn how to install important plugins that you need to run a WordPress website.

Day 1 Objectives

Being the first day of learning WordPress, things will be easy. You will learn about:

– Setting Up Hosting Service

– Getting a Domain Name

– Installing WordPress

Day 2 Prerequisites

Before day 2, I hope you have a wordpress site already set up. If not, you need to do that, else you will not be able to follow the guide properly. (Quick Links)

– Go Back To Day 1 Guide Above

– Get Hosting and Domain

-Install WordPress

Day 2 Deliverables

By the end of end of day 2, you will have learnt the following:

– WP Plugins Installation

-Important WordPress Plugins

-Sitemap Plugins

-Backup Plugins

-Basic Security Plugins

-Check our wordpress plugin reviews to know what  you might need for your website.

Day 2. Learn & Install Important WordPress Plugins

Today, we will learn about WordPress plugins. Did you know that plugins extend the functionalities in WordPress? For example, say you want to have a simple form where your visitors to your website will use to contact you. You will just need to find a plugin that does that. Simple and straightforward.

Also, you need to know that there are thousands of free WordPress plugins created hosted on WordPress Plugin repository.  That is how great WordPress is.

Now that you have learnt how to install and set up your WordPress website, let us go ahead and learn how to install plugins directly from your WordPress admin.  To install a plugin from the repository, use this guide: Installing plugins in WordPress automatically. You need to install a contact form plugin. We recommend Contact Form 7 Plugin. Over 5 Million people use this plugin.

Some of the plugins that we recommend to start you off include: Sitemap Plugin, Backup Plugin, and Security plugin.To get started, use the guide on installing a plugin to search for free sitemap, backup, and security plugins. Use the search to find each type of plugin at a time. Click on the image below to see what you might expect.

Other Best Paid Plugins To Consider

  • – Backup Buddy By iThemes
  • – Security and Antivirus By Sucuri
  • – WP Forms or Ninja Forms

If you have a flexible budget, you consider above plugins.

Please note that, as much as most plugins are free, you will learn that paid plugins are better as the owners offer support and constant updates.

Day 3 Prerequisites

I know that you have fully learnt how to install WordPress plugins and extend the funtionalities of your new website, If not,

– Go Back To Day 2 Guide Above

– Get Hosting and Domain

-Install WordPress

Day 3 Deliverables

Day 3 Marks the beginning of using your creativity and learn how to design wordpress using free and paid themes. At the end of the day you will have learnt:

– WP Themes Installation

-Wordpress Website Builders

-Where To Buy Good Themes

At the end of today, you will be able to customize the look and feel of your wordpress website. You will also learn that you don’t have to know how to write a single line of code to create great wordpress websites. Read our guide on the best wordpress website page builder plugins

Day 3. Learn WordPress Theming and Design

I know that it has been exciting to learn and discover the beauty of WordPress plugins. What you can do with WordPress plugins but you will discover this beauty along the way. It is day three and as I promised, you will learn WordPress in less than one week. Guess what? Today is the day you actually learn to build the look and feel part of your website. We will call it Day 3 of WordPress Theming and Design. You have to appreciate the fact that this will take longer than a day depending on how many hours you are willing to put in.

You can have a new design of wordpress in 3 basic ways. Click the links below to explore each kind of option. For starters, using a free theme for the purpose of learning wordpress is recommended.


  • – Installing a Free WordPress Theme from WordPress Repository,
  • – Using WordPress Page Builders Plugins,
  • – Buy a Custom Theme and Install Use It (Saves a lot of time)

Option 1: Learning WordPress Free Themes Installation 

WordPress is great. With WordPress, you will be able top install free themes for your new website directly from the WordPress Repository. You can install a WordPress theme directly from your admin area just the same way you you install plugins. Click on the link below to learn how installing or changing wordpress themes.

Guide: How to Install WordPress Free Themes Automatically (Visit This Page)

Option 2: Learning To Use WordPress Page Builders Plugins

Using page builders like Divi Builder by Elegant Themes is a great way to create a custom wordpress website without writing a single line of code. The beauty with the best WordPress website builders is that once you learn and master them, you can actually create any kind of website. You can actually make money creating and selling WordPress websites to clients. Click on the link below to learn about various WordPress builders

Guide: Learn About The Best WordPress Drag and Drop Theme Builders (Visit This Page)

Option 3: Buying a Theme and Forget About Designing your wordpress website.

Paid WordPress themes will cost between $50 to $80 but it is a real return on investment. It will save you thousands of hours. Click the link below for some of the best themes you can use for your business website. Some of the best providers include Genesis themes and Elegant Themes.

Guide:  Collection of Best Free and PaidWordpress Business Themes (Visit This Page)

Day 4: The Last Day Of learning WordPress Fast

If you have followed the guide properly, you are now a proud owner of a WordPress website. You have learnt setting up wordpress, getting the right plugins, and theming the website. Congratulations! This is the final day of learning wordpress. We will be learning about creating posts and pages for your newly built wordpress website.

Unless you have created custom post types, WordPress has two kinds of post types: Posts and Pages. If you are starting a blog, you will deal with posts more often than pages. When bulding a business website for your small business, you will end up using pages for your website content.

Read this article on: Key differences between wordpress Pages and Posts 

To get you started, we have some other guide for you. We have split this in various guides to limit the length of this guide. Click on each link to learn more about WordPress. If this guide has been helpful, please share it on social media. You will surely help someone else learn wordpress the best way.

  • – I have installed WordPress, Now What?
  • – How To Create Your First Page In WordPress
  • – How To Maintain a WordPress Website on Your Own
  • – Best Plugins For WordPress Website SEO
  • – How to Build a Large Email List From Scratch

I hope the our Four (4) days step by step guide in learning wordpress the best way has been helpful and that you now own a WordPress website or blog. There are more to to learn about wordpress. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and we will be sending resources and guides on learning wordpress right to your inbox.

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