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Running a WordPress Website or Blog Doesn’t Have To Be Hectic and Expensive! We offer the cheapest Yet most reliable WordPress Website Maintenance Services – Designed For: Small Business Website Owners, Bloggers, and WordPress Agencies!

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WordPress Websites Issues Resolved: Security, Speed, Themes, & Plugins.

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WordPress Support Services – Never Worry About Your WordPress Website Again!

We Fix All Your WordPress Website Issues Perfectly

General WordPress Issues

We fix all issues with wordpress websites or personal blogs. We fix wordpress problems.

Fixing WordPress Servers

We fix all WordPress hosting issues and help with performance optimization.

Wordpress Theme Issues

Are you unable to fix or install a wordpress theme for your site? We will fix it for you fast.

Wordpress Plugin Issues

Stuck on how to fix a wordpress plugin or theme issue? Just tell us: ‘fix my wordpress site for me’. 

The Best WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Here are some of the features of our WordPress maintenance and support services

24/7 WP Security Monitoring

WordPress due to its popularity is one of the most targeted website platforms by hackers. Hackers are always on the lookout for easy targets and unmonitored websites like yours. With our advanced automated security scanners, we are able to keep away hackers. With the right wordpress care package, we will assign a dedicated wordpress expert to handle all your tickets, maintenance requests, and keep an eye on your website all the time. We are the right partner when it comes to WordPress support and maintenance.

Monitoring & Secure Updates

Our wordpress website maintenance plans include uptime monitoring as a core feature. We understand downtime is detrimental to your online business and visibility. We use both automated and human controlled tools to monitor your servers, troubleshhoot, and fix any issue causing downtimes. At SmartWPFix.com, we also manage your wordpress website by frequently updating your wordpress core files, wordpress theme, and wordpress plugins as well as manage and fix incompatibilities.

Managed WordPress Backups

 If you don’t backups  your wordpress website, you may one day be in  for a big shock. In light of the numerous  wordpress hosting vulnerabilities, we effectively help you keep an offline (daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly) copy of your wordpress database, files, images, and woocomerce data. Did you know that your web hosting provider is not liable for any lost data during a hack or a server sabotage? Our website maintenance services will keep all your site data safe!

WP Speed & Performance Optimization

A slow and poorly optimized WordPress website is not only unfriendly to your site visitors but faces the risk of being penalized by Google and other search engines that drive traffic to your wordpress website. When you choose a wordpress website maintenance or management service plan at SmartWPfix.com, we ensure that your website speed is optimized at all times. We also fix any issue affecting wordpress site speed including images, hosting service, themes and plugins.

 Our Website Management Services Guarantee

If you are looking for a one time wordpress site fix, maintenance place, or even custom website  development, we are the right team for the job. Our wordpress experts have fixed over 80,000 wordpress websites not counting over 10,000 websites that are managed and maintained by our team. Get high quality website management or blog maintenance service only at Smart WP Fix. Your engagement with us is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Focus on What Matters and Leave WordPress Website Maintenance & Fixing To The Experts 

Need WordPress Blog Maintenance Services Instead?

Smart WP Fix WordPress Maintenance and Support services are customized for all WordPress websites. If  you are running an online shop, blog, agency website, or a even small business WordPress website, our prices are pocket friendly and you select the best plan for you. No hidden costs! Choose yearly or monthly website maintenance services that suit your needs.

What Site Owners Think About Our Website Management Services

Best WordPress Maintenance Service

Smartwpfix is the best wordpress website maintenance team I have ever hired. I had hired my previous website designer to maintain my three websites but the costs were too high.Smartwpfix.com is the best thing that happened to my online business. The SmartWPFix WP maintenance team is easy to communicate with and they use real people to manage my websites’ security. 

Jones Wester – Sunrise Media

Very Fast and Efficient

In the past, I struggled fixing my wordpress website on my own by searching for fixes on Google to no avail. I purchased a fix it ticket at Smartwpfix and it took their team less than one hour to effectively resolve the pertinent issues. In my line of work,customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal. I subscribed to the Smart wp fix blog maintenance service so that they can take care of all my websites while I focus on satisfying my customers. Thanks James and your team. 

Greg Walden – Limitless Photography

Thanks For Fixing My WP Website !

I run a book writing and editing guide website where I help people  have their work published. One late night, I received a phone call that my website was a crumbled mess. I quickly called a friend who recommended Smartwpfix.com and I hired them to restore and fix my wordpress website. Walter replied to my ticket and confirmed that they had cleaned and secured my website completely. I later purchased a website maintenance Package.

Joan – Write and Get Rich LLC

Great WordPress Support Team

Wow! I am simply amazed by Smartwpfix.com team lead by James. I owe the success of my online business to you guys. Their efficiency is unmatched and even when I  send a ticket late in the night they amazingly fix my wordpress issues in less than 30 minutes. I recommend them to any online website owner that has limited expertise on fixing wordpress issues or maintaining a wordpress site.

Casey Martin – Affiliate Marketing 

If you just met us today for the first time, allow us to introduce our service: Simply put, Smart WP Fix is a wordpress website support and management service that provides subscription based wordpress maintenance services as well as paid tickets to fix wordpress website issues ranging from theme issues, wordpress hosting and server issues, wordpress migration issues, and wordpress plugins issues. As of 2018 January, we have grown our customer base for wordpress maintenance plans to over 1,500. Most of our clients are individuals with 3 to 5 wordpress websites and Internet companies with 3+ wordpress websites. Whatever wordpress site support you need, do not hesitate to buy a website management plan or a one time fix. We offer a wide range of services including: WordPress virus removal, custom wordpress website design and development, WordPress Infection Malware Virus Removal, WordPress backup services, WordPress Infection Insurance, or Cleaning Up and Fixing Hacked WordPress Website. Visit our services page to learn more. Let us fix wordpress websites for you while you deliver value to your clients.
At Smart WP Fix, we know that speed and efficiency is what any online website owner want to run their business. We have taken this a notch higher by providing personalised cheap wordpress maintenance and management services to all our customers.

Once you contract us to manage your wordpress website or even hire us to fix your wordpress website, you will be assigned an wordpress expert who will provide a personalized wordpress support and maintenance services, plus resolve all issues in the shortest time possible. Smart WP Fix is the only cheapest and personalized wordpress management service.

Did you know that you can also hire a wordpress website content manager to outsource and edit all your website content and still get personalized service. We are here to make sure you run your business like a Pro. We have been rated as the best wordpress website maintenance service by various wordpress experts. We are the most affordable wordpress maintenance service.

At Smart WP Fix, we don’t sleep,so that you do. We provide 24/7 paid wordpress support services. We take care of your wordpress websites all around the clock so that you can do what you know best;customer acquisation. We are here to help you make your money online with ease. Our 24 hour monitoring services are powered by the best wordpress experts in the industry who have unlimited access to the most advanced inhouse wordpress monitoring software. Visit our products page to learn more about our wordpress website management service plans. We also have an insurance package for your wordpress websites. Hire us to maintain and fix your website any time of  day. We are the cheapest WordPress maintenance company in the market and have been rated the best WordPress support company online.
At Smart WP Fix, we believe that wordpress site maintenance services doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We have made our wordpress websites maintenance services affordable to make sure that you can run your online business or personal blog in the most effective way. In addition to hiring us to fix your wordpress website, we provide free tips and share resources that will help you build stronger audience online using wordpress. Our wordpress management care plans are categorised in a clear way such that a business owner or an wordpress agency will only pick a plan that they need. You only pay for the WordPress support services that you need. At Smart WordPress Fix services, we know that you are looking for a reliable yet affordable wordpress site maintenance services and that is exactly what we offer.

We manage and fix your wordpress website issues so that you can focus on running your business. We are the technical team.

WordPress Site Management Services

Smart WP Fix offers advanced and professional wordpress website management services to website owners, WordPress agencies, and freelance wordpress developers. No matter what level of WordPress site management services you need, we have a team of WordPress experts that are ready to help.

Besides providing web page management services for your WordPress website, we also offer affordable managed website services. Use the chat button below to make your enquiry.

If you are just starting your WordPress site or you just a need a team to manage your site for you, we are the best wordpress management services for you. Try our services and get a taste of our premium website management services.  You can read some of the frequently asked questions below:

Some WordPress Website Maintenance Services FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Website?

Smart WP Fix offers affordable wordpress site maintenance services based on the features that you are looking for. We have packaged our WordPress website maintenance plans to show website annual maintenance cost as well as the cost of maintaining a WordPress website on monthly basis. Our discounted rates have made the cost of maintaining  wordpress websites affordable for thousands of small businesses. Click here to learn more about our care plans.  We have a maintenance plan for every website owner and wordpress agency out there.

After you sign up for our WordPress blogs and website maintenance services all you have to do is to open a support ticket when you need something fixed . By simply telling us – help me fix my WordPress website, our team will start working to resolve the issue immediately. Our services are designed to give you the peace of mind you need so that you can focus on running your online business.

Do You Offer Blog Maintenance Services For Agencies?

Yes we do! We have awesome discounts for bloggers. We support over 200 bloggers with our blog maintenance plans! If you are an blogging agency with over 5 blogs, we will be happy to offer technical maintenance service to you.

We also offer white label blog maintenance services for agencies looking to sell our services to their clients. We will work behind the scenes so that you can interact with your clients one on one. Talk to us through via live chat or fill in a partnership form and a Smart WP Fixer agent will get back to you shortly.

Why Choose SmartWPFix WordPress Support Services?

At Smart WP Fix, we believe in offering affordable WordPress management services to all WP users. We have evolved from a three (3) staff WordPress website management company to become a leading WordPress support and maintenance company employing over 70 experts.

If you are looking for a reliable yet affordable wordpress site management service that will answer or respond to your chat or phone at 3 AM in the morning, look no further.

Our plans are affordable! We not only offer cheap support plans, but we take total care of your website(s) all round the clock. Our most expensive wordpress maintenance plan goes for only $120 per month which even gets cheaper with annual plans. This is the most popular plan on our service.

Besides the offering high quality WordPress management services, Our popular  ‘VIP Support plan‘ comes with:

  • – DIVI license for your website (for those looking for divi website support services) ($89 value),
  • – Full WP-Rocket plugin ($199 value),
  • – iThemes Security Pro license and Backupbuddy ($249 Value),
  • – 101 WordPress Videos accessible from your backend ($190 value),
  • – You will also get unlimitted support for your self hosted (built with WordPress.org) website
  • – and many more plugins worth over $1200.

When you choose Smart WP Fix,  you make great savings that can be allocated to other areas of your business. Most company owners choose us for our exceptional wordpress support and maintenance. We have given support to WordPress websites and blogs for over 10 years so you can count on our expertise.

Subscribe to our wordpress website management plans and leave the rest to WordPress experts. Click here for more information on both wordpress monthly support and annual plans.

24/7 WordPress Support Services

We are a 24/7 WordPress support company ready to help you when you have a website issue. We offer affordable WordPress support services anytime of the day. Whether your website breaks down in the middle of the night or 3:00 AM on a public holiday, we will be here to sort you out. We have a team of WordPress experts around the world making our 24 7 wordpress support possible. Call wordpress 24X7 support service now.

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